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June 12 - June 24, 2018

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Joe Lawhorn takes on "The World's Toughest Bicycle Race" the 2018 Race Across America – June 12, 2018

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Long-Distance Cycling Helps Central Ohio Veteran Cope with PTSD

Courtney Yuen,, Feb 14, 2018

Chillicothe, Ohio native Joe Lawhorn broke two world records last year on his bicycle. Now, his sights are set on finishing the Race Across America in June.

In this race, the clock never stops. Lawhorn has 12 days to make it from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland ( The race itself is grueling physically and mentally, but there’s something that always keeps Joe pedaling through what many would call insufferable pain.

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Joe Lawhorn Sets Sights on Race Across America

Chris Balusik, Reporter for The Chillicothe Gazette, Published Dec. 3, 2017

After setting his second world record twice in a little more than three months, cyclist Joe Lawhorn says he will compete in the 2018 Race Across America.

Lawhorn set a world record at the Mid-Atlantic Ultra Cycling Race in mid-August 2017, covering 404.8 miles in 24 hours — the most ever on a fixed-gear bicycle in that time span.

In the time since that record was set, it was eclipsed briefly by another rider. In November 2017, however, at the World 24-Hour Time Trials in California, he got it back, covering 415.2 miles.

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